December 16, 2017



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give justice to -the stars-

give justice to -the stars-
Oil on Canvas over Wire/Wood Support

Here's an oblique view:


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November 29, 2017


20" x 12" diameter
Oil on Wood Armature under Glass Vitrine

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Instagram Reviews

I've been posting capsule reviews on Instagram as I tour NYC and see the shows. You can find me there via the handle "pacificohollingsworth" (Pacifico is my grandfather's name). It started with a sentence or two, then I followed up with a short paragraph. Mind dump. Germs of criticism. I'll keep them succinct, that's the charm. As I wrote in reply to a comment recently:

...there's something very nice about this experiment, capsule blurb reviews of shows I see around town. Feeling the flow. Thinking on my feet. Going Ginsberg, "First thought, best thought."

(I'll splash with one and follow under the fold with 5 others.)

Cecile Brown "A Day! Help! Help! Another Day!" @paulacoopergallery titled after a poem by Emily Dickinson, which ends "What issues / Upon thine arrow hang!" Indeed. In the previous Instagram, I wondered about how far down Gary Hume's facture was dialed down... but here with a Brown's paintings, she delivers an avalanche. Now I wonder about the lack of modulation: edge to edge with all instruments playing at once in the orchestra, you're on the slippery slope to monochrome-land. Why does Pollock's "Lavender Mist" feel so different? Here at Paula Cooper, footing feels perpetually unsure. No rest for the eyes. One can't help but feel anxious in the mud wrestling arena. It's as if the camera was left in the field, aperture open for a day, all of creation moving a blur.

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