January 8, 2019


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December 21, 2018

Revolving X-ray


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December 20, 2018

Thinking Aloud

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Studio X-ray


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Poetry Reading / Undererasure / Pierogi



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December 18, 2018


A big chunk of this fall upon returning from Spain was spent in a collaboration with my old friend Gerard (Gerry) Smulevich, creating an artist residency in Tossa that will premier next summer 2019 if all works out well. We have the website up and running, and we are promoting, looking for the participants in the inaugural program.

Check out the website, and if you are curious, check out the summer archives of this weblog and my Instagram feed for signs of this project in gestation.

Website: AIR.CAT

From the Press Release:

November 16, 2019 - AIR.CAT (Artists in Residency, Costa Brava) is a new studiobased
artist residency opportunity located in Tossa de Mar, Spain that blends exposure
to Spanish/Catalan culture with related outdoor activities on the Mediterranean
coastline of Costa Brava. AIR.CAT welcomes applicants committed to artistic
excellence within a wide spectrum of the visual arts: painting, sculpture, photography,
site-specific, installation and every media in between. The deadline for applications is
January 15th, 2019.
Tossa de Mar is a small coastal town founded by the Romans and situated just 100
kilometers north of Barcelona. Tossa's renown blossomed in the 1930's as an artist and
intellectual retreat that included writers Archie and Nancy Johnstone, Rafael Benet,
Marc Chagall, André Masson, Georges Bataille, Oscar Zügel, Ortho Lloyd, Dora Maar
and many others. In the 1950's, the Hollywood production of "Pandora and the Flying
Dutchman" starring Ava Gardner and James Mason was shot there on location,
drawing the jealous presence of a prowling Frank Sinatra, Gardner's love interest at the
Those years left a mark on the village, a testimony of which can be seen in the
collection of Toss's Municipal Museum of Art, which houses a collection of early
contemporary art created and inspired by that seaside town. The echoes of those glory
days have receded in the ensuing fifty/seventy years but the town still remains the
inspiring vessel it ever was.
With the intention of reviving the flourishing production of art in Tossa de Mar, The City
of Tossa de Mar in collaboration with American artists Dennis Hollingsworth and Gerard
Smulevich has organized a four week summer artist residency program that combines
guided tours with an active studio which will culminate in an exhibition - symposium of
art work to open to the public and attended by the press. Dennis Hollingsworth is a
painter with a 30-year professional history, has exhibited internationally and is
represented by galleries in Los Angeles, New York and Barcelona. His production is
based in dual studios located in both NYC and Tossa de Mar. Gerard Smulevich is an
urban/architecture photographer and full-time academic who was mentored by the late
Julius Shulman; he has exhibited his work internationally and has had his photographs
published by Tachen and by Center Press. Smulevich has directed university-level
study programs for 16 years focusing on the art and architecture of Barcelona and
AIR.CAT is organized on the concept of the littoral, the area of transition between
terrestrial and maritime systems. The program focuses on four littorals attached to
connected outdoor excursions: the dry littoral (hiking the coastline), the wet littoral
(exploring the shore with kayaks), the immersed littoral (snorkeling under the sea) and
the cultural littoral (tours and exposure to the multitude of cultural offerings both in
Tossa and nearby Barcelona. Structured within four weeks, the tempo of experiences
will be balanced against the need to focus in the studio. There will be much to absorb
and even much more to express in the work of the six selected resident artists.
The City of Tossa de Mar is actively involved in supporting this residency and is
supplying the program's studio work space within the Municipal Museum of Art, a
remarkable 13th Century sea-front building located within the walled Old city of Tossa.
The Musuem will also host the public exhibition + Symposium with all participants at
the end of the program.

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Under/erasure at Pierogi Gallery

It's an honor to be included in a huge group show loaded with interesting and significant NYC artists. Curated by Heather and Raphael Rubinstein, it's a thoughtful and articulate meditation on the relationship between art and writing and rewriting and overwriting.

It's an honor to show at the esteemed Pierogi Gallery and a fabulous great distinction to be included in the thought processes of the Rubinsteins. The gist of the show is that one always emphasizes that which is struck out. The essence of the idea is that gist is elusive. The thought behind the show is about the overlay upon overlay of thought, writing and art.

Pierogi Website.
Under/erasure Website. So wonderful, professional and complete. Be sure to check out the full listing of participating artists. So well done.


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Please Stand By

Mea Maxi Culpa!

We've had an interregnum!

Time to stop the stoppage.

15 years of blogging is a long haul. Around a year or so ago, I finally got involved in Instagram. A late adopter, I was critical of the smaller dimension of the platform, the fixed imagery, the canned presentation, the content limited to blurbs. Friends convinced me that... this is where the action was at, that one had to participate to be socially connected. True, that. It was also true for Facebook, once upon a time. I was a late adopter of Twitter, too. I mostly lurk, my tweets are very few. But I've found that after a time, I rely on it too much for breaking news, instead of hitting the five to fifteen regular news and news aggregator sites that I used to graze daily at. I've also noticed that Twitter has lost much of its' richness and diversity recently. I correlate this with the recent turn to hard handed "curation" and anti-free speech ostracism that has been going on in the past few years.

Now, I am about to take a hard exit from FB, a procedure that I will execute during the winter holiday. Why? I don't like being herded by platforms and media corporations. I don't like the money grubbing power seeking king-of-the-world domination by most of the tech community and those of us who are influenced by it beyond. Lust. Gollum and his precious ring. We need success but there's something ugly about it along the way.

I have noticed in myself an increasing reticence to blog in the past couple of years. Maybe the sensation has always been there, and there wasn't the ease of IG's couple of clicks to sate the social urge. It's easy to blame IG, maybe too much so. Maybe it's the message in the bottle sensation of blogging... but then this excuse would blame you, dear reader, for not commenting and interacting. I'm too much of a lurker myself to believe that self-told lie.

There is too, that hermit's gene somewhere in my helix. Whoever I am, I am not that attention whore seeking psychopath. I also know that there is also a grandiosity sequence somewhere along in the strand, and I can only hope that both DNA chains are counterbalancing each other ( a way that avoids the Unabomber's profile).

A very big shout out to fellow artist/reader Jimmy for a nice neat kick in the pants. Thanks Jimmy!

A retreat from blogging would sabotage my overall practice, especially since this blog is a source of titles and a repository of contextual content. Also, this blog might someday be recognized as the art form, art media that I believe it is and could be. Blogs have arisen and have become eclipsed but they remain classic and as such enduring. Blogging's overlooked underdog status is perfect for staving off the predatory egoistic greed that has devoured and destroyed other information age venues. Also, this blog is an artists' hail Mary pass for posthumous recognition, the trail of breadcrumbs in a forest of signs, the labyrinth's thread. Very important stuff, this.

It's time to retrain my habits and get back to eating less processed information. So please stand by while I tune up and rev up the engine...

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