September 22, 2020

AIR.CAT L'entremig #2: Rosa Sureda Solà

Following out first introductory L'entremig meet up, we met with our first guest, Rosa Sureda Solà, the Tècnica de Patrimoni Cultural, the director of the Municipal Museum of Tossa de Mar. Rosa guides us through the museum collection, and the artist residents are able to see the site of their exhibition next summer.

For more information on the AIR.CAT residency program, go to our website.

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September 12, 2020

Gospel at Colonus

I just found this video of Bob Telson's personal performance of the Gospel at Colonus. Yes, fan boy stuff, but I was extremely fortunate to see this play in Los Angeles in 1985. I am especially grateful in Telson's June 2020 upload is that he tells the story of the making of the music along the way. The detail of the gospel church that he attended in Harlem, NYC at 124th and Lennox jumped out at me. I'll be looking for that church very soon. Morgan Freeman, Clarence Fountain and the Five Blind Boys of Alabama triple as Oedipus, accompanied by Jevetta Steele, The Soul Stirrers, Isabell O'Connor, Carl Lumbly and a deeper cast of amazing talent. The fusion of Sophocles and Gospel is brilliant in how it invigorated the coda of the third Theban play that had been overlooked for so long.

Comments are turned off in Telson's Youtube upload, so I'm generating this blogpost to tell him thank you and that his work has enriched my life.

You can find a DVD here, you won't be disappointed. In the meantime, you can enjoy it here:

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